About us

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*Some photos provided by The British Museum and The Museum of London (toy rickshaw, Bengali wall hanging, Booth map)

The resources housed on this site, linked to Goldsmiths Critical Connections Multilingual Digital Storytelling Project have been developed through a collaboration between Goldsmiths, the British Museum and the Museum of London, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Qatar Foundation International. They are based on an innovative, cross-curricular approach to language-and-culture teaching with a central focus on working around museum artefacts.

The creative and critical use of digital technology within these resources has been supported by the British Film Institute and Salmagundi Films.

There are four resources:

ARABIC:  Language in art and the work of Ali Omar Ermes.

BENGALI: Nokshi Kantha and bicycle rickshaws: Telling stories with needle and thread and art on wheels.

CHINESE:  Trade between China and the UK and London’s First Chinatown.

GREEK:  Picturing cultures: Exploring London’s Greek community.